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The future of manufacturing and construction will demand sustainable raw materials. Companies across industries are looking for solutions to evangelize new generations of consumers and employees. Heartland is a bioindustrial company creating an industrial hemp supply chain to help manufacturers across industries build stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products.

Our team is focused on working with manufacturers to transition sustainable materials out of research labs and into mass production. Using hemp as an additive to plastics, our proprietary Imperium Fillers allow companies to easily integrate industrial hemp into existing products without any retooling costs.


Foundational Materials

The evolution of humanity comes down to a handful of foundational materials. Concrete allowed us to build high-rises, copper allowed us to harness electricity, and silicon allowed us to create microchips. 

The next frontier of material science will require a compound that unlocks hundreds of high-value use cases that span across every market sector.  The hemp plant provides more structural integrity for less cost than thousands of existing materials in almost every market.
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The Shift Across Industry

Industries that have traditionally relied on mined and petroleum-based materials are turning to plant-based alternatives because the production of standard materials is dirty, unsafe, and unsustainable. 

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) mandates are overtaking boardrooms as executives realize that they have a responsibility to make sustainable and ethical investments.

Sustainability Designed for Global Manufacturing.

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Supply Constraints

Hemp is a carbon-negative material that can be used across manufacturing, but there is a vacuum of scalable production. A limited supply chain means there are insufficient capacities and high costs. 

Industrial hemp processing facilities are vulnerable to market volatility because of limited supply and processing capabilities. This means that companies typically process hemp in small batches and try to wholesale material to any corporation that will buy it. 

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Solving The Problem

American manufacturers would love to utilize hemp as an additive, but they don’t currently have a reliable supply chain. This leaves hemp sitting in the R&D departments of large corporations and universities. 

Heartland is creating the first supply chain of hemp-based materials for manufacturers across industries. A reliable supply chain will allow hemp to move beyond R&D and into end products. This is the shift that American manufacturers have been waiting for. 

We Focus on Providing Manufacturers A Sustainable Source of Hemp-Based Additives To Enhance Products They Already Make.

Industrial Hemp Processing Facility

Heartland is a material science company that engineers hemp fibers as an additive to plastic. We participate throughout the entire supply chain, from farming through logistics and production to ensure product consistency in every pound of finished product. At capacity, Heartland’s Flagship facility will process over 480,000 pounds of hemp stalk every day which will remove more than 750,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere on a daily basis.

The Fiber

Fibers are long, strong, and skinny strands wrapped around the core of the hemp plant. Fibers account for approximately 40% of the total plant by weight.

The Hurd

Hurds are the inner woody core of the hemp plant, consisting of over 70% cellulose. Hurd accounts for approximately 55% of the total plant by weight.

Heartland processes the hemp plant to make materials that are stronger, lighter, and less expensive than competing products.

Manufacturers That Use Plastic and Rubber Can Leverage Hemp As A High-Value Additive To Existing Products.

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