Heartland Adds Industrial Hemp Farming Experts To Their Executive Team

Heartland is proud to announce the addition of two key members to our team. Rusty Peterson as our Director of Supply Chain and Cory Vanderzwaag as our Director of Agriculture. Together, they have been progressing their own understanding of the hemp industry and have been steadfast in accomplishing their dream of disrupting the Michigan hemp ecosystem. 


Their advisory has helped Heartland’s executive team optimize standard operating procedures and seed genetics that will provide the foundation of our supply chain for years to come. The addition of Rusty and Cory to the core Heartland team will become increasingly valuable as we expand our farming infrastructure from Michigan to the rest of the United States. 


Heartland intends to become an industry pioneer in sustainable material innovation. This goal will be further achieved by both Rusty and Cory’s experience in developing SOP’s for farming, processing, and distribution. As Heartland continues to solidify its industrial hemp supply chain, it’s crucial that we build a team of experts that has experience in agriculture, but also has a willingness to add value beyond their specified role.


As Directors, Rusty and Cory’s main focus will be to establish effective and sustainable farming and production mandates that can be scaled internationally


After months of working together, and determining roles and responsibilities, our leadership team determined that Rusty and Cory were the perfect people to help solidify Heartland’s farming infrastructure. 


Heartland is a raw material supplier sitting at the base of the supply chain for manufacturers across market sectors. As companies begin to work with us to become more sustainable, they will want to make sure that Heartland has a strong, reliable supply chain with the expertise to ensure scalability and consistency. 


One of the key factors that ensures the reliability of our supply chain is data. In previous articles, we spoke about our ability to use data to secure our supply chain. Rusty and Cory have been working with farmers in Michigan diligently, with a boots on the ground approach that has allowed them to lead the industry in data collection for fiber and grain production. They understand the trials and tribulations that farmers go through because they have been around farms their whole lives.


Rusty and Cory’s relationships run deep, and these relationships can not be replicated by some digital marketing campaign to get farmers to transition from traditional crops over to hemp. These relationships take years to cultivate, and seconds to ruin. 


The farming community in Michigan is unique, so it’s important that we’re building relationships with people who understand how important this crop is to the future of sustainable materials. Rusty and Cory have provided a valuable feedback loop for our team to better understand how to approach farmers and work alongside them. 


In each supply chain we build, our goal is to create a circular economy. This means that local farmers are providing materials to local manufacturers, and local manufacturers are using goods that were farmed by their own communities. Rusty and Cory have helped Heartland’s executive team build a model that allows us to replicate our Michigan supply chain across the world. 


Our team has shown Rusty and Cory how sustainable materials are going to change manufacturing forever. In response, they have been committed to showing us how we can better work alongside farming communities to accomplish our vision to become one of the most sustainable companies in the world. 


Heartland’s ability to educate farmers about the value of industrial hemp will determine our ability to create sustainable change for manufacturers across all market sectors. The more hemp we grow, the bigger impact we make! 


We are excited to welcome Rusty and Cory to our team! Their future here at Heartland Industries is full of endless opportunities. Rusty and Cory will show farmers across the world how an industrial hemp supply chain is going to change the future of manufacturing. 


We are sitting on the starting line of the revolution in sustainable materials. 


Join us as we build the world out of hemp. 


— Heartland Team





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