Heartland Industries Raises Seed Capital For Detroit Facility

July 2020 – The Heartland Industries team has raised their first round of seed capital from a local power player in the Detroit community. This financing brings with it tremendous value in terms of local partnerships and political capital. 

This round of seed capital will be used to validate the scalable technologies that Heartland Industries will use to build one of the largest industrial hemp processing facilities in America. 

The Heartland team is working with proper legal council to finalize the documentation necessary for a larger capital raise down the road.

Because of COVID-19, the Heartland team is starting the technology vetting process virtually. Fortunately, Heartlands technology partners are flexible and are happy to send out samples, videos, and other forms of documentation.

In the coming months, the Heartland team will work to create a robust data room that creates certainty that investors are putting money into a strong investment. Before Heartland takes their deal out to market, they will have properly validated all technology, and have the documentation to properly execute on the business plan.

– Heartland Team

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