Heartland Industries Sets Sights on Global Economic Shift

Heartland Industries is focused on sustainable and safe business practices to usher in the future of US manufacturing and materials. In order to lead this revolution, our products must be significantly stronger, lighter and cheaper than existing materials on the market. 

There have been whispers of how the hemp plant has been used throughout history. Over 80 years ago, Henry Ford created a Model T made from hemp. Hempcrete was used over two thousand years ago to create a bridge; today it is used to create the strongest homes and concrete structures. Although the original use cases were well intentioned, there was really no opportunity for long term success. 

Unfortunately, in decades past, there were supply and production constraints that would have prevented the mass market adoption of any type of hemp product. The companies who can utilize hemp-based materials to replace their current supplier can only do so if the hemp processing facility can satisfy 100% of demand. 

People like Andrew Carnegie, J.P Morgan & Charles Schwab standardized their respective industries. These business magnates would tell us that the way to win in this industry is to standardize hemp based composites. 

Hemp-based biocomposites can replace plastic, fiberglass, steel, and other types of materials used across different market sectors. Each of these materials is graded for different variables to determine their strength, including spring load, tensile strength, brittleness, and more. Hemp has proven itself to be stronger, lighter, and cheaper than the products it replaces. This results in increased performance for the companies who are manufacturing products used by consumers and enterprises from across the world.

Heartland Industries is creating a centralized source for all types of hemp, CBD, and biocomposite updates that will eventually be integrated into its site. Eventually, this resource will develop itself into an institute for education, collaboration, and informational services as new developers, engineers, and architects begin to adopt new sustainable materials in their respective markets.

Heartland Industries is standardizing hemp-based composite formulations to streamline mass distribution as its processing facility comes online. Our team has the opportunity to lead the market with effective formulations for hemp materials. As the market leader, we promise to distribute these materials across the entire globe in a way that creates a positive impact on local consumers and enterprises.

– Heartland Team

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