The Future of Critical Infrastructure

The United States has an opportunity to bring material manufacturing back to America, through automation of environmentally friendly production practices. Bio Metals are naturally grown and provide strength, flexibility and durability in ways no metal on earth can provide.

Companies around the world are being pressured to pursue environmentally conscious business practices, and the first companies to add Bio Metals into their manufacturing process can capitalize on stronger consumer products and positive PR related to their efforts.

The Natural Alternative Is Just Better​


Twice as strong as steel and half the weight, allowing builders to do more with less.


Six times the bounce-back of steel, forming into its original shape much better.

Rust Resistant

Bio Metals do not rust with water exposure, requiring minimal repair or replacement.

Bio Metal is Made To Stand The Test of Time

A Simple Formula For Everyone

Bio Metals are a composite of hemp fibers, hemp hurd and natural resins.  Heartland is in the process of standardizing the formulas used across the world to gauge the efficacy of bio-based building materials.

Added together, these hemp byproducts form an efficient and durable material that can be made into any shape necessary. Bio Metal is a stronger, lighter and cheaper alternative to metals like steel and aluminum.

Bio Metals Can Be Used Alongside Hemp-Based Wood, Insulation, Concrete, and Composite.

Bio Metal Has Lower Costs, Maintenance, and Carbon Footprint Than All Other Alternatives

Our Partners

Our companies work with key stakeholders in the infrastructure and real estate development industries. These people are looking to become a part of the future of sustainable infrastructure technology.


Higher quality materials that are environmentally friendly.


Can develop stronger and more durable buildings that stand the test of time.

Lime Suppliers

Can instantly add another product line to the products that they already offer.

Infrastructure Investors

Can save money and time on projects across commercial, residential, and industrial.

General Contractors

Can ensure that they're using product that will strengthen over time.

Real Estate Developers

Can use hempcrete as a strategic resource to stabilize real estate projects.

Bio Metal is an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative for people who are looking for stronger, longer lasting building materials.

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