The Ultimate Replacement Material

Plastics and composites that leverage the strength of the hemp plant as an additive will create sustainable solutions. It’s only a matter of time before the companies that are reliant on petroleum based resins, plastics, and reinforcement fibers start to consider natural fibers and bio-resins as viable growth opportunities.

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Ripples Across the Supply Chain

Different forms of composites and polymers are the backbone of many of the household products, equipment, and transportation methods we use on a daily basis.

The companies who lead their industry by committing to source sustainable materials & products throughout their supply chain will win over customers for decades to come. 

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A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers that have traditionally relied on synthetic materials are quickly learning that their customers are shifting toward a more environmentally friendly future. 

The manufacturers who are leading their industries will begin testing sustainable alternatives that will gradually integrate into their supply chain over the next 5-10 years. 

Hemp Bio-Composites Do Not Rust

Biocomposites Can Replace Dozens of Parts Across The Transportation Industry


Body Parts, Interior, Frames and Insulation.


Hulls, Decks, Consoles, and Canopy.


Shell, Support Beams, Bolts, and Screws.

Composites create more value than just a ‘sturdy replacement.’ Because these materials are lighter than the competing products, vehicles experience greater fuel efficiency because they weigh less. This allows cars, boats, and planes to get more miles per gallon, and more weight per load.

Hemp-Based Biocomposites Are Stronger, Lighter, and Cheaper Than the Competing Products.

Sustainable Additives To The World’s Most Critical Resources

There are materials that are foundational to the global supply chain that we have not been able to live without. For the first time, humans can use hemp-based materials to replace the materials that build our economies.


Consumer Packaged Goods that degrade over time.


Strengthen Bridges and Buildings without rusting.


Sports Equipment and Automobiles.


Grows 10x faster than trees and requires much less water.

Hemp-Based Composites Are The Future of Materials That Make Markets Move.

Outlasting The Competition

Hemp based composites have tinsel strengths, spring loads, and brittleness that can replace wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic parts that are used across industry.

Tensile Strength

The maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.

Spring Load

The load which can be applied to a spring to compress, deflect, or extend it without straining it.


The tendency of a material to fracture or fail without significant plastic deformation when applying force, impact, or shock.

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