CBD is a Commodity

After the 2018 Farm Bill, the floodgates opened for CBD (and hemp based products) to be traded internationally. Transitions in farming from Tobacco and Wheat to Hemp exploded, all while production went stagnant because chemical extraction hinders the quality and scalability of CBD extraction.

Industry Standards

Historically, oils have been extracted from hemp using archaic technologies that utilize potentially toxic and explosive business practices. These chemicals have an increased risk to employees and require product to be purified afterward.

As a commodity, CBD processing does not fall into the scope of small batch processing that other industries use and a new solution is needed to meet future demand.

Our Future Together

Understanding the challenges presented with standard processing solutions, Heartland Industries had to think outside the box

We are able to use sound, water and pressure to effectively extract 100% of the oil from our plant material. This is done without the need for chemical reagents in a continuous stream.

By utilizing new technology, we are able to produce the most pure product on earth at the lowest cost.

CBD is a Natural and Non-Psychoactive Solution for People with Chronic Illness and Inflammation

The Highest Efficacy in The Industry


Creates a powder from the flower that measures between 25-50 microns. This increases extraction by 15-20%.


Creates a slurry with the hemp powder as it goes through the extraction process. This simplifies our entire process.


Creates separation between the plant matter and the oil for easy sequestration. This effectively extracts 100% of the oils.

Solventless Distillate

Why Our Product is Better Than Anything on the Market

CBD can be utilized across thousands of different products, but solvents will prevent CBD from being utilized in pharmaceuticals. When the flower is extracted using a solvent, residue becomes stuck to the oil. Companies will attempt to remediate solvents out of their final batches, but it is impossible to get every last drop. This is why Heartland Industries uses a closed-loop water extraction system. Because we are not using solvents, all of our products will be the highest quality pharmaceutical grade with the COA tests to prove it.

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