Innovation Meets Farming

Heartland is bringing together next generation technology with traditional farming methodologies . The idea is simple, make everyone’s job easier while increasing production capabilities and putting more money into our farmers pockets.

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Industrial hemp farming is relatively new to American farmers. Our team has taken the necessary steps to create educational material to ensure our farmers have all the information they need to do their jobs.

Heartland is working with farmers that are tired of traditional crops like wheat, corn, soy, and hay. We provide them the standard operating procedures necessary to easily create high quality hemp.

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Our team is leveraging the technology at our disposal to simplify farming procedures while increasing yields. Industrial hemp is new, so our team needs to remove any cloud of doubt from the equation so farmers can do what they do best.

Heartland is developing a  platform to provide farmers with access to information, procedures, and support. This will create a real-time feedback loop between farmers and the Heartland team.

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Success is measured in many different ways, but taking pride in the work you do every day is foundational. At Heartland, we work every day to get sustainable materials into the hands of American manufacturers. The ability to become the backbone to the supply chain of these American companies is one of the best ways to give back to the communities we thrive in.

Made in America is the future of manufacturing.

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Sustainable Farming = Sustainable Manufacturing

Everything You Need To Start

Heartland Industries will be providing our farmers with everything they need to get started. This includes consistent premium contracts, seeds, fertilizer, and standard operating procedures. We will provide a digital and physical backbone to support our farmers in their day to day operations.


We will be providing seeds to our farming partners across the country. This will create farming continuity that gives certainty to our team.


We will be providing guidance on the different types of acceptable fertilizer. This will ensure our team is properly adapting to the soil of the local ecosystem.

Heartland farmers support American manufacturers who make products that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than their competition.

A Revolution in American Farming and Manufacturing 

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