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Graphene proved that 2-Dimensional materials were possible more than a decade ago. Today, scientists across the world have proven that graphene can be added to innovative technologies to amplify the impact of the innovation.

Graphene is the super-material that humans have needed for generations. Graphene adds massive value that cannot be achieved with any other material on earth.

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Sustainable Production

The largest problem in the graphene industry has been a lack of supply or sustainable production methodology. This has created a bottleneck for people holding the keys to the next generation of industry-shifting technology.

We have found a way to sustainably produce graphene so that it is available as an additive for us and our partners. Graphene will give any product a competitive edge and advanced performance.

Graphene is Stronger, Lighter, And Thinner Than Any Material on Earth

Benefits of Graphene For Your Materials


Formulated for increased strength for high intensity environments.


Properly mixed, Graphene can increase conductivity up to 600%, Lightning grade.​


Thermal mass assists temperature control in low and high temperatures.


Water-Resistance can add value to protect electronics and heavy machinery.

Graphene Unlocks Capabilities That Have Previously Been Thought To Be Impossible

High-Value Uses of Graphene​


Increased strength and reduced weight keeps passengers safer while increasing gas milage.​


More strength for less weight provides planes with more distance and carrying capacity.​


Strong enough for the biggest ships on earth, while reducing weight and no rusting.


Stronger materials that weigh less reduce project costs and improve building quality.


Stronger equipment to protect our soldiers, light enough to carry around in combat.


Conductive nature provides valuable use cases for energy generation and storage.

Water Filtration

Desalination at scale with water filters that are efficient and cost effective.

Oil Spills

Filtration panels can separate water and oil in the field, to easily clean up spills.​

Graphene is A Super-Material That Instantly Enhances All Composites and Alloys By Orders of Magnitude

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