The Morphing of Metal Materials

Hemp Alloy’s blend metals with hemp-based additives. The science behind this is called a Metal Matrix Composite (MMC). With a reliable supply chain of hemp, manufacturers who are utilizing metals can now make them stronger, cheaper, lighter, and more sustainable.

Manufacturers around the world are always looking for ways to produce stronger consumer products and positive PR around their sustainability. For the first time, manufacturers who rely on metals can create their own proprietary alloys by leveraging the strengths of the hemp plant

A Natural Additive With Supernatural Performance

The reinforcement fibers (or filler) for metal matrix composites can be either continuous or discontinuous. Any type of discontinuous MMC can be worked with standard metalworking techniques, including extrusion, forging, or rolling. This means that metal manufacturers have no retooling costs when it comes to integrating hemp additives into their alloys. When mixed with hemp, alloys experience a change in physical properties including wear resistance, friction coefficient, and thermal conductivity. Here are some other benefits of MMC.


Hemp makes alloys that are already being used stronger.


Hemp gives alloys a new level of flexibility and durability.


Hemp Alloys are lighter than other competing alloys.

Hemp Alloy Creates A New Value Proposition For  The Metals Companies Are Already Using

A Simple Formula For Everyone

In comparison to a conventional polymer matrix (plastic), metal matrix composites are fire resistant and can operate in a wider range of temperatures. They are resistant to radiation damage, do not absorb moisture, and have better electrical and thermal conductivity.

Metal Matrix Composites do not replace metals. These types of specialty composites add physical and mechanical properties to the metals that are already used in manufacturing. Metal Matrix Composites are traditionally utilized with lighter metals like:

Metal Matrix Composites have been utilized by Ford, Honda, Toyota, Porche, 3M, and Lockheed Martin.

Hemp Alloy Is An Sustainable Solution That Requires Little Retooling Costs 

Our Focus

Heartland Industries provides hemp-based additives to manufacturers who want to embed organic compounds into the metals they’re already using. We work with manufacturers to determine the proper size of the hemp-based input. By working together, we’re able to figure out the most optimal form of the hemp filler. This allows Heartland to help their clients attain new possibilities and value propositions for the products they’re already making. 

Hemp Alloy Creates Environmentally Friendly End Products That Are Stronger And Lighter Than Competing Alloys

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