The Future of Critical Infrastructure

In the future, building materials will not require petrochemicals and other unsustainable practices. Our society will only seek environmentally friendly materials as we continue to support an ever growing global population. There is no reason to pursue environmentally damaging building materials when all natural materials are stronger, lighter and cheaper. Hempcrete is the solution that unlocks value across the real estate development supply chain.

Replacing Aggregate with Hemp Makes A Difference


Thermal mass assists temperature control in low and high temperatures.

Humidity Regulation​

Hempcrete absorbs indoor moisture, reducing the chance of molds.

Fire Resistant

Hempcrete is flame retardant, ensuring that houses don't burn down for decades.

Acoustic Regulation

Hempcrete insulates and absorbs sound providing a quite living space.

Earthquake Resistence

Hempcrete withstands earthquakes better traditional concrete.

Waterproof Shell

Hempcrete creates a shell around a home, protecting it from water damage and mold.

Hempcrete Has Lower Costs, Maintenance, and Carbon Footprint Than Concrete Alternatives

A Simple Formula For Everyone

Bags of Hempcrete

Hempcrete bags are 80 pound mixture of hemp hurd and lime. These bags are mixed with two gallons of water before they are set.

Hemp / Portland Cement

Hemp fibers and hurds mixed with Portland Cement will create the tallest, strongest, lightest, and most sustainable buildings of the future.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Concrete with More Strength.

Hempcrete Is Pest Resistant

Our Partners

Our companies work with key stakeholders in the infrastructure and real estate development industries. These people are looking to become a part of the future of sustainable infrastructure creation.


Higher quality materials that are environmentally friendly.


Can develop stronger and more durable buildings that stand the test of time.

Lime Suppliers

Can instantly add another product line to the products that they already offer.

Infrastructure Investors

Can save money and time on projects across commercial, residential, and industrial.

General Contractors

Can ensure that they're using product that will strengthen over time.

Real Estate Developers

Can use hempcrete as a strategic resource to stabilize real estate projects.

Hempcrete is an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative for people who are looking for stronger, longer lasting building materials.

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