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Heartland Industries pursues patents and technology in hemp material science by working with an internal network of scientists and corporations. We empower scientists and business leaders with resources and materials to ensure hemp products are the foundation of material innovation.

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Innovation's Inner Circle

Heartland Industries brings together the brightest minds in the scientific community to expand the use of hemp byproducts into industry shifting technologies. We provide a platform that focuses on actionable innovations that create ripples across market sectors.

Our trusted residents meet at the intersection of science, finance, operations, and technology commercialization. We provide resources for research and development that have previously been inaccessible.
hemp research and testing
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Technology Bottlenecks

Unfortunately, bureaucracy has locked up and siloed the most innovative technologies. Universities rely on department administrators, researchers, and interns to help move innovations into the marketplace.

With a community of like-minded innovators, scientists have the capability to collaborate alongside people who can develop scalable business solutions based around paradigm shifting hemp technology.
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Surgical Investments

Scalable innovations that solve high-value problems across market sectors shift how humans operate. Both consumers and corporations are searching for the next advancement in the products that they utilize. There are thousands of new technologies that can benefit from one of the byproducts of the hemp plant.

Heartland Industries provides resources to help scientists and business leaders to develop product/market fit, messaging, financing, and pipeline to bring innovations from the lab to the marketplace.
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Heartland Industries is Actively Pursuing State-of-the-Art Hemp Technologies

Materials Innovation

Heartland Industries is researching applications of the hemp plant that extend beyond any historically known use cases. Modern technology with novel applications is what allows our brain trust of experts to push beyond the theoretical limit of what is possible with the hemp plant.


Transforming the chemical composition of the hemp plant comes down to the ability to separate compounds.


Through natural processes with heat and pressure, we are able to collect high-value compounds individually.


Infusing isolated elements into formulations that provide value in high performance, real world applications.

Materials Never Before Seen on Earth.

The Bleeding Edge of Science

Heartland Industries works with farmers across the nation to source different types of hemp for Research & Development. We will work with top scientists who understand that hemp is a natural solution for many of the leading innovations across industries. Our focus is to commercialize technology to solve real world problems utilizing hemp based intellectual property.


Partnering with different colleges to expand research into hemp materials and their uses across the global markets.


Private research into business use cases for the hemp plant that replace unsustainable solutions.

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