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Industrial hemp fibers have been used across the globe for thousands of years across every industry. Manufacturers are starting to become familiar with the strength, weight & cost benefits of hemp fibers. But, until today, they have not previously had access to a reliable supply chain. 

Heartland’s Imperium Fibers are hemp fibers engineered for polymers, designed to standardize bio-based raw materials. The future of manufacturing is about leveraging sustainable materials to create better products. Our team is building a reliable supply chain of hemp fibers engineered for plastic that will be used by largest companies on earth.

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Sustainable Future

The eco-friendly movement started with clean energy and has evolved into sustainable materials. 

In the same way solar energy hit an inflection point and now costs less than unsustainable alternatives, hemp-based materials now cost less than their competing products. 

For the first time ever, it costs less to be sustainable.

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Mass Adoption

The industrial hemp market has suffered from a lack of standardization and continuity. Heartland is taking all the necessary steps to ensure all manufacturers have the tools to test, simulate, and manufacture with the market’s best hemp fibers.

Our team is creating the largest database of hemp fiber research to propagate the adoption of sustainable materials.

Hemp Fibers Create Stronger Products That Cost Less

The Benefits of Imperium Fibers


Imperium Fibers are stronger than glass & carbon fibers, exceeding strength requirements of existing standard materials.


Imperium Fibers are less expensive than existing reinforcement agents to strengthen plastic like glass and carbon fibers.


Imperium Fibers weigh over 80% less than glass fiber, reducing the total weight of manufactured products by between 20-60%.

Imperium Fibers Are Hemp Fibers Engineered For Polymers

Hemp Fibers Are Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper & More Sustainable

Industries That Can Be Amplified With Hemp Fibers


Hemp fiber is a lightweight, low cost, and sustainable reinforcement agent that can replace glass fibers in compounded plastic used across industries.


Hemp fiber is a strong, cost effective additive to plastic or paper packaging. It's anti-microbial characteristics are great for single use, multi use & recyclable packaging everywhere.


Hemp fibers can be added as a reinforcement agent to all different types of construction materials to make them stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable.

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