Imperium Fillers

Industrial hemp hurd has been used across global manufacturing as a filler in numerous materials. The cost and weight benefits are providing realistic alternatives to the additives already used across industry.

Heartland’s Imperium Fillers, made from 100% hemp hurd, will become the standard for bio-based additives. For the first time ever, manufacturers have the opportunity to replace the traditional mineral-based fillers.

talc vs hemp hurd

Mineral Standards

Almost every plastic you’ve used has a filler in it to reduce cost. These fillers provide no performance benefits and are usually toxic. Many of the toxins like crystalline silica and asbestos found within traditional fillers have been found to be carcinogenic.

Every manufacturer is looking for a simple path to replace these toxic fillers with sustainable alternatives. The only bottleneck stopping manufacturers is the fact that there is no existing supply chain.

talc vs hemp hurd
hemp hurds

Sustainable Future

Imperium Fillers are a 1:1 replacement for existing mineral fillers. These hemp=based fillers provide a small performance increase, but ultimately reduce the cost and weight of any product that uses them.

This is the first time in history that sustainable materials have reached an inflection point where they cost less than existing materials.

Imperium Fillers Create Stronger And Lighter End Products

Benefits Of Imperium Fillers


Imperium Fillers cost less than current mineral fillers like talc and calcium carbonate. Hemp's carbon negative properties can accelerate corporate sustainability goals.


Imperium Fillers weigh 80% less than current mineral fillers like talc and calcium carbonate. This reduces total product weight without jeopardizing characteristics.

Imperium Filler is 100% Hemp Hurd

Hemp Fillers Are Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper & More Sustainable

Products That Can Be Amplified With Hemp Hurd


Hemp hurd is a lightweight, low cost, and sustainable filler that can replace talc or calcium carbonate in plastics used across industry.


Hempcrete and hemp mixed with Portland Cement are building materials that can benefit from hemp hurd as an additive.


Hemp hurd is rot resistant, and helps to maintain a very consistent internal temperature without the need for heaters or coolers.


Hemp grows faster and with more density than trees, making it a sustainable replacement for wood-based materials.

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