Adding Power to the Plastics You Already Use

Plastics and composites that leverage hemp as an additive will see weight and cost reduction while maintaining strength. It’s only a matter of time before the companies that are reliant on glass and carbon fibers start to consider lightweight carbon negative additives and natural fibers as viable growth opportunities.


Global Transition

The world of mobility has begun to transition from a focus on electrification to a focus on lightweighting. This can be easily accomplished through advanced composites.

The companies who lead their industry in lightweighting have reduced their metal usage by integrating reinforced plastics everywhere they possibly can. The plastics used today are typically filled with toxic additives like glass fiber, talc, and calcium carbonate.

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A Competitive Advantage

Over the next few years, plastics manufacturers will test hemp fillers, hemp reinforcements, and advanced polymers to determine what fits best into their supply chain and existing product lines. 

The only way plastics companies can leverage bio-based raw materials is if they have a reliable supply chain that they can consistently embed into the products they’re already selling.

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Sustainability Matters

The customers and employees of tomorrow want to immerse themselves in products and companies who feel sustainability that is part of their DNA.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, boat, or plane part; plastic companies that use hemp fibers can ensure their customers that they are getting compounded plastics that are stronger, lighter, and more sustainable than traditional raw materials.

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Plastics That Use Hemp Materials As Additives Are Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, And More Sustainable Than The Competition.

The Highest Performance Materials

Hemp fibers can be used to enhance the plastics that are already being used across mobility-focused supply chains. Our hemp fibers allow plastics companies to create high performance composites at a lower cost than reinforced plastics that are already being used on the market today.


In the pursuit of electrification, automotive companies are looking to lightweight their vehicles. Hemp Fibers provide a simple, sustainable solution to todays problem and an opportunity to solve tomorrows.


Weight, strength and continuity are important variables in the pursuit of improving and reducing operational costs per flight. Hemp Fibers exceed all existing standards for lightweight materials.


Strength, weight, and corrosion are key variables for marine applications. Hemp-based composites are strong, lightweight, and have minimal corrosion to water in comparison to metal components.

Hemp Fibers Weigh 80% Less Than Glass and Carbon Fibers. This Creates Sustainable Composites That Weigh Less, Cost Less, And Maintain Strength.

The Mobility Sector Needs Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, And More Sustainable Plastics

Carbon-Negative Additives For The World’s Plastics Supply Chain

Instead of focusing on removing petroleum-based plastics, we are focused on utilizing hemp-based materials as additives to enhance the plastics that companies are already using. By utilizing hemp additives, plastics companies are now creating biocomposites that have a competitive advantage to the plastics that are already being utilized in the mobility sector.

Utilizing hemp additives in plastic can help companies evangelize a new generation of eco-friendly consumers and employees. Here are just a few benefits mobility companies experience by utilizing hemp as an additive in their plastics supply chain.

Higher Performance

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers on earth. Products filled with hemp have improved strength.

Lower Weight End Products

Hemp as a filler to existing products reduces the total weight. Lighter materials means lower logistics costs.

Reduce Product Costs

Hemp fillers require less plastic to make the same product, ultimately reducing the end product cost for the first time.

Sustainable Production

Hemp materials added to existing plastic products help companies exceed corporate sustainability mandates.

Lightweight Vehicles Accelerate Faster, Go Further, Carry More Weight, And Get Higher MPG.

Leaders In The Lightweighting Movement

Any machine that moves with a motor has one main metric working against it: weight. Technologies like cars, boats, and planes are consistently fighting the laws of physics. This means that the lightweighting of vehicles has the ability to unlock performance enhancements that have previously thought to have been impossible. 

Heartland’s industrial hemp supply chain is helping OEM’s and suppliers in the mobility sector revolutionize transportation by reducing the weight of the plastics that are already being used. Hemp materials have a lower bulk density, meaning that less material is needed to create the same amount of volume. This means manufacturers have the ability to reduce the weight of plastic parts within their vehicles instantly.

Plastics That Utilize Hemp As An Additive Are The Future of Materials That Make Markets Move.

Do More With Less Plastic

Hemp fibers increase the durability, flexibility, and brittleness of plastic parts that are used across industry. With hemp, the mobility industry can increase the longevity of their products, while lightweighting their vehicles, reducing costs, and positively impacting the environment.


Hemp improves the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.


Hemp is 7 times more flexible than metal, improving compression and extension without straining the material.


Hemp reduces a plastic materials desire to fracture or fail under significant force, impact, or shock.

Hemp-based materials can revolutionize the plastics that are already being used across the mobility sector. By adopting a sustainable supply chain, automotive, marine, and aerospace companies can rely on hemp additives to produce stronger, lighter, cheaper and more sustainable products.

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