ReMap Your Plots

Heartland’s team solved a mathematical problem that provides farmers the fastest route to every plot of land they are planting, harvesting and scouting. The goal is to help farmers and agronomists by reducing windshield time and fuel consumption to do their job.

Farm Plot Mapping

Today, most plot maps are made by hand, where farmers and agronomists go to a geographic area and begin working.

What if software could tell you which plots to go to first, saving you time and money in the field?

travelling salesman plot map farmers
heartland travelling salesman
travelling salesman plot map farmers

Travelling Salesman

Simply import your starting destination and a list of fields in the form of coordinates, and remap will tell you which fields to go to first.

Our algorithm, powered by LogN, can instantly tell you the fastest possible route to planting, harvesting and scouting. 

Better yet, it’s completely free.

The Most Optimized Plot Mapping Software On Earth

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