Times Have Changed. Forever.

When manufacturing originally went overseas, it was to cut down on labor costs more than the material costs. Current global economic changes are bringing more manufacturing back to America, but it will look different than it did before. The factories that return to America will be sustainable, automated, and scalable. Everything else will stay overseas. Forever.

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Our Mandate: It's Simple

2020 is the catalyst that will bring back American Manufacturing. As manufacturing returns, factories will be built with a focus on sustainable materials and automation. Companies must rethink the materials they are sourcing for the goods they are manufacturing.

Heartland’s mandate is to use environmentally friendly production practices and automation to ensure safe, clean products that can match or beat overseas pricing.

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The Entire Supply Chain

Companies think that a ‘sustainability report’ makes them eco-friendly. But many times, behind the scenes, a companies entire supply chain will wreak havoc across the world. The foundation of the manufacturing supply chain comes down to the materials companies source. 

Heartland products remove the need for mined or drilled materials. The market no longer wants their products built with synthetic materials; they’re looking for sustainably sourced materials.

Hemp based Materials Are Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, & More Sustainable Than the Competing Synthetic Products.

Carbon Negative

Hemp sequesters 1.62 tons of carbon for every 1 ton of hemp. This means that at full capacity (60,000 pounds of hemp per hour), Heartland Industries will remove over 2,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each day.

As we expand, our ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere will increase by orders of magnitude.

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Processing Equipment

All of our processing equipment for separating the hemp stalk into fibers and hurds utilizes a mechanical process (instead of a chemical process). This means that we are not reliant on expensive and toxic solvents, reagents, and inert gasses. All of our milling equipment uses sound and vibration to turn raw materials into powders. All of our CBD processing equipment utilizes a closed-loop water extraction system, making us one of the only companies on the planet executing a solventless extraction process.

Unlocking Sustainable American Manufacturing With A Reliable Hemp Supply Chain

Hiring Practices

Heartland Industries will hire those who have been forgotten about in the American workforce. We will seek to hire veterans through the VA, universities, and other affiliated organizations.

We will also consider hiring those convicted of crimes. As long as their criminal offenses do not endanger our employees or customers, they deserve a shot at making a difference.

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Transferring Value Proposition

Utilizing our products, our clients will have the ability to build stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products. As a materials supplier, Heartland will be enabling environmentally friendly manufacturing within market sectors across America.

Our ability to transfer our value proposition over to our clients will determine our ability to spread sustainable mandates across the manufacturing sector.

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Philanthropy That Matters

Heartland Industries is launching a philanthropic arm of the company called Heartland Homes. The purpose of this entity is to provide building materials to build homes in underprivileged communities. This will include supplying hempcrete, insulation, fiber board, and biometals to construction companies within the local ecosystem. We are starting this philanthropy in Detroit Michigan, then expanding to other cities in America.

hemp touching the world

Sustainable Materials Are The Future of American Manufacturing

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