Sustainable Materials Are The Future

Companies around the world are searching for ways to meet consumer demands for sustainability, without breaking the bank. Biopolymers and wood fillers from sawmills are the two main paths that sustainability-focused companies have pursued as they try to identify a supply chain of sustainable materials that can usher them into the future of packaging.

The answer is much simpler, and it is staring industry leaders right in their faces. Industrial hemp a carbon-negative material that can be used in both paper and plastic packaging applications. Industrial hemp removes more carbon dioxide than any other plant and costs less than petroleum-based or mineral alternatives.

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Global Transition

The people have spoken loud and clear: they want sustainable packaging. How that is accomplished, and the materials that are used is the story for manufacturers and large brands to tell.

The companies who lead their industry in sustainable packaging have pursued recycled packaging and highly engineered solutions. Many of these paths hit the same roadblocks: strength, cost, and supply.

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A Competitive Advantage

Over the next few years, packaging manufacturers will try hemp fillers and biopolymers to determine what materials fit best into their supply chain and existing product stacks. 

The only way packaging companies can leverage bio-based raw materials is if they have a reliable supply chain that they can consistently embed into the products they’re already selling.

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Sustainability Matters

The customers and employees of tomorrow want to immerse themselves in products and companies that feel sustainability is part of their mission and vision for a brighter future.

It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic wrap or recycled paper box; packaging companies that use hemp fillers can ensure their customers that the end products that are being manufactured are stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable alternatives to traditional, toxic materials.

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Packaging That Integrates Hemp-Based Additives Are Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, And More Sustainable Than the Competing Products.

Today's Sustainable Solution

Hemp-based additives can be used to enhance existing packaging materials that are already used across industry sectors. Heartland’s hemp fillers allow packaging companies to create more durable and sustainable packaging at a lower cost than the plastic and paper products used on the market today.


Single-use, multi-use, and industrial plastic are the foundation of shipping, distribution & retail supply chains. Transitioning immediately to biopolymers is cost-prohibitive. Hemp-based additives are today's answer to yesterday's problem.


Recycling and new paper products require treatment or fillers to improve their strength. Hemp-based additives can improve the sustainability of virgin paper or ensure recycled paper products maintain their strength over multiple uses.

Hemp-Based Materials Provide A Sustainable Solution To Today’s Plastic & Paper Packaging Problem. We Leverage Lightweight Alternatives That Cost Less & Maintain Strength.

The World Needs Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, And More Sustainable Packaging.

Carbon-Negative Additives For Companies Pursuing Carbon Neutrality

Instead of focusing on removing petroleum-based plastics or paper derived from trees, we are focused on utilizing hemp as an additive to make existing packaging more sustainable. By utilizing hemp, companies are able to create a packaging solution that has a competitive price to the materials they already in use. 

A supply chain of sustainable hemp materials will help companies evangelize a new generation of eco-friendly consumers and employees. Here are just a few of the benefits packaging companies experience by utilizing hemp as an additive in their supply chain.

Lower Cost

Whether it is plastic or paper, packaging is expensive. Hemp is a natural filler that further reduces cost for manufacturers, making sustainability a viable option.


Packaging is notorious for its lack of recyclability. Hemp is sustainably grown and processed, providing a biodegradable solution to non-recycled packaging.

Lighter Weight

Packaging weight can be as much as 50% of the total cargo. Reducing packaging weight by using additives with a lower density directly reduces shipping costs.

Packaging Companies At The Forefront Of The Sustainability Revolution Will Leverage Hemp-Based Materials

Do More With Less

Hemp fillers are a sustainable input material that will improve the tensile strength, spring load, and brittleness of packaging that is used across industries. With hemp, packaging companies can increase the durability of their products, while positively impacting the environment.


Hemp improves the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.


Hemp is 7 times more flexible than metal, improving compression and extension without straining the material.


Hemp reduces a plastic materials desire to fracture or fail under significant force, impact, or shock.

Hemp-based materials can revolutionize packaging that is already being used across the world. By adopting a sustainable supply chain, packaging companies can rely on hemp to produce stronger, lighter, cheaper and more sustainable products.

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